Nun Collects Abandoned Children
On the occasion of the founding of the Spanish organization, Mensajeros de la paz, a project to build two new shelters was presented, one for children with severe disabilities and abandoned by their families and the other for the elderly, in the village of Metepec, in the north of the Mexican capital. The project was requested by the tireless work of a religous woman who in recent years has been devoted to collecting young children from the garbage, abandoned minors on the streets or children left in landfills because disabled. According to reports from the president and founder of the NGO, Father Angel Garcia, in a letter toFides Agency, Sister Ines collects the children that no one wants. She has so far welcomed 200, of whom about 70 are named after her. Despite the good will, the religous has no adequate means to fully take care of the children, some of whom have grown up and are in need of special medical care because they come from totally unhealthy environments. Hence the idea of a giving the children a decent home was born and the State of Mexoco ceded a plot of 4 hectares where the two new shelters will be built. The project also includes a chapel and a commercial area, with a cinema, halls for parties, a football pitch and business premises that the association will rent, or sell, on condition that the purchasing companies cede part of their profits fro the maintenance of the shelters.

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