Voting: Abortion and Contraception

Tim, I voted early and left the presidential slot blank. I will not, under any circumstances vote for a pro-babykiller, pro-contracept candidate regardless of party. Just my .02. :)

This is also my opinion.  Yes, morally I understand that one CAN vote for the lesser of two evils but also one is still casting a vote for a man who is pro-gay "marriage" and the homosexual agena, he did not have free abortions in Massachusetts but had a $50 copay and he forced Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception/abortifacients.  His 'romneycare' is sort of a precursor to 'obamacare'.

The biggest difference is that I do not think Romney hates this country but the obamination does. Romney is an American and has some religion.  He will get rid of the HHS mandate or so he has promised. He will stop our tax dollars to kill the unborn oversees and perhaps will defund planned parenthood.
Though Romney could end up causing the deaths of quite a few people in other countries. For instance, he has said that we need to do more to assist the Syrian rebels. What do you think will happen to Syrian Christians if the rebels win?
I didn't vote in 2008 nor do I intend to vote this year.  The choices, or lack thereof, make me sick.  Almost physically ill. 

The only reason I was even slightly tempted to vote was so I could vote against Claire McCaskill who I believe is a genuinely and unrepentantly evil human being.  But one vote won't make a difference in that race anyway, so I'm back to square one.  No vote. 

I despise electoral politics.  And no, I'm not a monarchist.  I just think allowing people to choose their own leaders is idiotic and ultimately doomed to failure. 
What made you come to that conclusion about Claire McCaskill, Doc? The wiki page on her doesn't say much about moral issues.
(10-22-2012, 10:10 PM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: What made you come to that conclusion about Claire McCaskill, Doc? The wiki page on her doesn't say much about moral issues.

She started out as a county prosecutor in the county I reside in.  I've been watching her machinations for years.  She's disingenuous and duplicitous, in other words a typical career politician.  She's also nominally Catholic, at least she was last time I bothered to check.  She currently resides in St. Louis, where the current ordinary and his girl Chancellor aren't likely to say boo to her about receiving Communion, assuming she even bothers anymore.  I wonder how Cardinal Burke would've handled it were he still there. 

Pro-abortion, pro-birth control, anti-Church, willing to exploit Akin's statements on rape, when she said at the time she wasn't going to mention it at all, she wanted to focus on the "issues."  Yet every commercial I've seen has been solely about the rape comments.  So she's a liar too. 

Yes, she is evil. 
There's only one way to settle this election.  The way they decide who answers the first question in the debate.

A coin toss.

Heads, Obama wins.  Tails, Romney wins.

You lose.

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