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North Dakota politician rips bishop, quotes leaked letter

North Dakota politician rips bishop, quotes leaked letter

CWN – October 24, 2012

A North Dakota politician who was trounced in the 2008 gubernatorial election blasted Bishop David Kagan of Bismarck, stating that the prelate “engages in partisan politics and damages the bounds of personal conscience, the Church’s role in building the common good, and the non-profit status of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.”

State Senator Tim Mathern, a Democrat and former seminarian who was defeated by a 74%-24% marginin the 2008 gubernatorial election, issued a five-page statement after receiving a leaked copy of a letter that will be read in all North Dakota parishes this weekend. In the letter, Bishop Kagan, as quoted by Mathern, states that

there are some actions that are never acceptable and should not be made so by law, they include: abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and not recognizing the unique and special role of marriage as the union of one man and one woman … In this election year, the positions of the two political parties and the positions of their candidates are well known. What I ask each of you to do before you vote is to consider carefully what our Catholic Church teaches about these issues, then consider how your vote for a particular candidate will contribute to the common good of us all as persons with that human dignity which must be respected and protected always.

“I ask you to vote for the candidates who represent you as Catholic citizens,” Bishop Kagan reportedly adds. “Please do not vote for the candidate who is most likeable.”

Mathern said that North Dakotans view Democratic senatorial candidate Heidi Heitkamp as the “likeable candidate,” and that Bishop Kagan’s words thus constitute an endorsement of her Republican opponent.

“Endorsement of a political candidate, either by inference or direct statement, serves to disenfranchise, discourage, and even, to some, harm,” Mathern said. “He [Bishop Kagan] then indicates who not to vote for. As a condition of non-profit status, the United States Internal Revenue Service tax codes prohibit 501©(3) tax-exempt organizations like churches from endorsing any candidate.”

“I urge Bishop Kagan to withdraw his letter due to its infringement on the Primacy of Conscience, its effects on parishioners and the common good, and its violation of proper conduct for non-profits,” Mathern added.

Additional sources for this story: State Senator Tim Mathern of Fargo Urges Bishop Kagan to Withdraw Election-Related Letter (Huffington Post) big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/NorthDakotaChurch.pdf
Its infringement on the "Primacy of Conscience?" He even capitalized it!

How ridiculous. Too bad he paid that much in seminary though.

Let us pretend to play by his erroneous rules: what about the Bishop's conscience in writing the letter?
I wonder what he woould have said if he had been a pro-life politician and the bishop had given him a resoounding endorsement?
(10-24-2012, 11:23 PM)Poche Wrote: I wonder what he woould have said if he had been a pro-life politician and the bishop had given him a resoounding endorsement?

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