For those that follow the Fatima stuff closely: Is this good news?
You decide.  First, Sr. Lucia was not allowed to talk to anyone, so no one can confirm what it is she said.  Also, at that time, she was very old.  Maybe Bertone misinterpreted what she said, maybe he phrased his questions "right", maybe he is out right lying, maybe she did confirm it in her old age.  All we can say is no one knows since there is zero information on it.  Just a statement from Bertone that Sr. Lucia confirmed it.

Now, here is what she said right after the consecration, which is in an interview (around 1985).  Note we have the question and we have her answer:
Quote: In a 1985 interview, Sister Lucy was asked if the Pope fulfilled the request of Our Lady when he consecrated the world in 1984. Sister Lucy replied:

    "There was no participation of all the bishops, and there was no mention of Russia."

She was then asked, "So the consecration was not done as requested by Our Lady?" to which she replied:

    "No. Many bishops attached no importance to this act."

Next, AFTER he did the consecration of the WORLD, JPII said this prayer (as quoted from his own newspaper):
JPII Wrote:"Enlighten especially the peoples of which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration and confiding."

So you decide.  As far as Bertone, he is the same man who says the secret has been released, even though the official Vatican statement from 1960 which said it was not being released specifically says "the WORDS of our Lady contained in the LETTER from Lucia" will most probably never be revealed.  We have a notebook containing a vision that Lucia had, and you will notice no words from Our Lady.

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