For those that follow the Fatima stuff closely: Is this good news?
It's not the Grunerites playing fast an loose. The Pope Commands them, and they disobey, if they do not do it. It's not Our Lady being liberal on this point. If you read Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph by Desmond Birch, he cites all of the Fathers who wrote a minor chastisement comes after the Apostasy and before the Apocalypse. In the older editions of the DR or the Challoner in Apocalypse 12 the red dragon and the one third of the stars refers to the heretical Bishops
leaving the Church. it could be this is caused by the order to Consecrate Russia with Il Papa. It is perhaps only the last 100 years with modernism that the Woman clothed with the Sun has become Our Lady, prior it was the Church and Israel, and a possible weak type for Our Lady by accomodation.

Being a conspiracy nut, I'd say the masons, modernists, homosexuals, and commies decided, knowing this was coming, to emphasize the weak type, to give them cover as "devoted" to Our Lady. It is common knowledge, and I remember hearing this from a Msgr., the party line was the New Mass was wanted because the priests didn't want the old ladies praying and rattling their rosaries in the first pews. This is the way disinformation works, take a few ounces of truth, the old ladies praying and rattling their rosaries, and then add the propaganda as it's logical conclusion.

In a final effort those priests, and Bishops, and Cardinals, strip the message of Fatima down to "say your rosary and offer up your lttle scrafices" and that's that. It's not. We were promised the communication from Heaven which Our Lady brought to Fatima. Again as a conspiracy nut I think when this is all over, the reason for this period of tribulation will be the ignoring of Our Lady's message and request, not Vatican II. It will be seen how everything which has gone wrong flows from not complying with that request even that of Vatican Council II.


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