For those that follow the Fatima stuff closely: Is this good news?
Quote: The common theory is that Russia once consecrated is the instrument used to bring about the great restoration and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

This matches the St. John Bosco vision.  Russia invades and conquers to Paris, where it raises a black flag.  It converts, raises a white flag, then defends the Faith and restores Christendom.

It is also interesting and prophetic to call for the conversion of Russia, which was known as the USSR for some time.

As far as the requirement, the requirement stands and is prophetic.  Those who would refuse are going to be the worst apostates.  They will be excommunicated.  Another interpretation is that the Church is reduced to a rump organization that flees into the wilderness via the aid of the Great Eagle, so getting the remaining handful of bishops to consecrate Russia will not be difficult.

With regards to the Pope's refusal, I have my own opinion, and this is not the "official" Fatima message, though it doesn't conflict with it.  But you must give some weight to it since it comes from Nostro Jameus.

We know that JP II understood that he had to consecrate Russia by name, which is evidenced in the prayer he said.  So why didn't he do it?  We know from what +Fellay said that Pope Benedict was going to do a deal the SSPX could accept, but that this was pulled at the last minute by the Schoenborn faction.  We know that the TLM was cancelled in the National Shrine for no reason, except a direct order from Wuerl, and past practice and Wuerl being a bumbler strongly suggest that he wsa ordered to do this from the Vatican.  So my belief is that the Pope is blackmailed.  And that Satanic forces will fight tooth and nail to prevent the consecration.  People who tried to spill the beans on the homosexual molestation satanic ring ended up ritualistically murdered.  Again this is not official "Fatima", so disagree with me if you want.  I believe it fits and makes sense.

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