For those that follow the Fatima stuff closely: Is this good news?
(10-25-2012, 09:35 PM)Tim Wrote: On a plane trip before the handlers could stop him he answered a bunch of questions on Fatima, and he said he has no plans now, but in future he may have to consider that. It appears to me it's slowly but surely sinking in that is his only solution.

Frankly I daydreamed that during the SSPX talks Pope Benedict XVI would see the opposition all around him, then suspend all the Bishops in the world until they come to Rome and swear an oath. Then call all the SSPX Bishops and Fr. Gruner to Rome, make Fr. Gruner a Bishop, and all five with Pope Benedict XVI, Consecrate Russia, and wait.


        I  share your concerns and  I am not a member of  SSPX.    I believe the assumption that the Holy Father is under a lot of pressure from sources inside & outside  the Church not to consecrate Russia  to the Immaculate Heart of  May.  Why there is such an opposition?  Just  what is it that those opposed to the consecration as the Blessed Mother asked us to fear?

          I am not a member of the SSPX but  I certainly can see that they have legitimate concerns because........just look around.  I don't believe the world is  reaping Blessings from God. 

Pax  in  Christ,



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