For those that follow the Fatima stuff closely: Is this good news?
Quote: I wonder if this is localized. Also I wonder how many of the 400k priests and 5000 bishops are involved.

In these USA, it appears to be localized in the archdiocese of Chicago (with regards to the Church hierarchy).  Of course various levels of satanic activity are widespread in these USA, from "dabblers" in white magic, wicca, and then to full blow satanic covens.  Hollywood and New York appear to be epicenters of this "secular" variety, but chances are there are at least wiccans within a few miles of where you live.  You also have the strange owl ceremony in Bohemia Grove attended by very high level government officials and bankers.

The masons worship lucifer at the highest orders.  An exorcist said there are satanists in the Vatican.  Bugnini was a mason, and probably worshipped lucifer if he was 33 degree.  And then there is kabbalah, which is occult.  The unfortunately named Madonna is involved with them.

Satanic influence in the Vatican would be doubly effective as they would certainly have photos of a lot of homosexual bishops, let alone priests, at their disposal.

I'm curious, have the younger generation on this forum bumped into the occult and/or witch craft at parties, etc..?

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