A gift of vestments
I am planning on making a full set of vestments for which ever priest I can get to offer a monthly (minimum) TLM. (I know, it's a lot of work, but it's one of the things I do for a living.  It's far less complicated than much of the stuff I sew)
My question is, does the gift stay with the priest or do they stay with the parish?  Our best bet for the TLM is an older priest who is very close to retirement age.  When he retires, will he take the vestments with him? If they stay with the parish, there's no real assurance that the new priest will offer the TLM...Uhg, so many what ifs.
If you give them to the priest, they are his.  If you give them to the parish, they are the parish's.  So it's up to you - just make yourself clear.  If you give them to a priest and the priest belongs to a religious order, however, the vestments may belong to the order, so you should check on that.
Nothing about your offer as such, having everything I need for my TLM, but I reply about what to do with vestments. When a priest is a religious with the vow of poverty, he doesn't have personal properties, not even for Mass. But diocesan priests can have properties. Houses, cars, furniture, but also liturgical things. I always loved to spend my money on vestments and apparel for liturgy, rather than expensive holidays. Which means that I always OWE the sets of vestments, and take them with me when I move. Which is unfortunately also the best solution. It's a rare exception that the parish priest before me has the same 'taste' and even more rare if my succesor would be. When I have brought in the most lovely chasubles into the parish and the first thing my succesor does is: put them in the bin because he likes ugly cheap stuff, I better take care for it myself. I have seen in all the parishes I was, the most horrible actions by priests, esp. when it comes to chasubles, that I recommend every priest who can afford: take care that you owe good sets yourself. And everything you need for a Mass with real dignity.
Cgraye is correct.

What a wonderful gift!!
Awesome gift!
I'm not above bribery ;)
Out curiosity, are you making the vestments in Gothic or Roman fiddleback style? ( not that one is better than the other)

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