Free Fr Gruner Rosary Rally in LA Area, Nov 17th
I thought the thread title was referencing the fact that some thin Fr. is cashing in on Fatima. "Free" rosary rally, I thought, meant it didn't cost anything.
(10-30-2012, 02:42 PM)richness of tradition Wrote: Is Fr. Gruner in good standing as a priest?  I read on EWTN that his faculties have been suspended by Rome?

A few years back someone in the Vatican (I don't remember who) was saying that he no longer had facilities and had to return to Italy where he was originally incardinated.  I believe that is when the Bishop of  Hyderabad incardinated him.  Maybe someone else remembers in better detail.
Here are the facts concerning Fr. Gruner defense. It even has a section on EWTN and Fr. Fox.

Thank you very much for posting this Scriptorium.  :tiphat:   Are you going to this one day conference, and will give us a report on the event?  It would be much appreciated.  I'd love to go, unfortunately it's a twenty hour drive from here.  I heard Father Gruner speak in Vancouver several years ago and would happily do so again.  The site has an announcement link on it, but unfortunately they don't seem to include these one day conferences or talks given by Father Gruner.  Maybe it's not maintained so much, so for now it's by word of mouth.

Does anyone know if Father will be speaking anywhere else? 
Busy with family obligations. He's coming by our church also, so I'll get my Fatima sermon anyways.

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