Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
(10-30-2012, 02:26 PM)TS Aquinas Wrote: Was not directed at you, but the absurdity of the synod.

As Phillipus, this is about the word usage of "rights" not free will. But remember, to turn to God freely is only by His Grace and Will working through us to turn to Him. So the freedom of will exercised to do His Will, is His Will and is the height of true freedom since this breaks us from the bondage of sin and uplifts us in the Trinitarian Life.

Sorry.  I misunderstood and thought you were calling me a dirty stinking modernist.   :blush:  Hence, my fiesty reply.

I think we might look at the term "right" and try to find an alternative.  I think the reason for the verbiage is the concept of natural law and Enlightenment terminology found perhaps most notably in the American Constitution and other founding documents.  The problem arises from trying to express a concept in such a way that it can be accepted and understood outside of the religious context we give it.  I do believe that this is intended as a defense of persecuted Christians.

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