Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
Dear friend,

I no longer have the patience or composure to debate religious liberty on this board, after doing so for several months, and I hope Link or Dylan can respond to you in full. That said, your approach is simply misguided. No one has to be forced to convert, but this does not mean they have a right to profess heresy, or Buddhism. Pope Pius XII did not live in a distribu-monarchical Candyland; in 1953, he said in Ci Riesce:
"It must be clearly affirmed that no human authority, no State, no Community of States, of whatever religious character, can give a positive mandate or a positive authorization to teach or to do that which would be contrary to religious truth or moral good... Whatever does not respond to truth and the moral law has objectively no right to existence, nor to propaganda, nor to action."

I think it would be best to refrain from "we live in the real world" comments. That's the same thing people say about chastity. They're gonna do it any way, so let 'em.

I exhort you to read what Mirari Vos and the Syllabus say on religious liberty, and take a look at this thread:

God bless.

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