Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
(10-31-2012, 07:48 AM)SouthpawLink Wrote: The freedom not to be coerced into publicly professing Catholicism is not also a freedom to publicly profess falsehood.  The third option here is that men are free to privately profess their errors, but may not do so in public: the result is that they'd profess nothing in public.  Under certain circumstances (i.e. the needs of the common good), the Catholic state has both the right and the duty to repress error.  No one then can claim to have a strict (civil) right to publicly profess falsehood, if it be just and necessary to repress such errors under certain circumstances.

But the vast majority of the world is not a Catholic state.  Therefore such an assertion is meaningless for most Catholics.  These rhetorical volleys that have no relevance in the world we live in or in the circumstances under which most Christians are persecuted are utterly meaningless.

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