Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
(10-31-2012, 11:21 AM)SouthpawLink Wrote: Dignitatis Humanae goes further than teaching the authentic religious freedom to be Catholic.  Presenting B ("under current circumstances, it's expedient for all to be able to publicly practice their faith") without also presenting A ("true religious freedom is the profession of the Catholic Faith; error has no rights") will lead Catholics and others to believe in a distorted form of B ("religious freedom for error, always and everywhere").

A document on "Transmitting the Catholic Faith" should... transmit the Catholic Faith, and not leave out relevant doctrines which would put currently-accepted circumstances ("religious freedom for all") into a proper context.  The document's citation of Dignitatis Humanae does not clarify the statement, but only aids the confusion.

Ok.  Now I'm confused.

What do you mean by "religious freedom for error, always and everywhere"?  Do you mean that the document in a roundabout way supports a sort of relativist view of religion in which there is no one true faith?  I think that's what you are saying . . .  If so, I think I finally get it.  But, is that the implication of statements in Dignitatis Humanae or an outright statement from the text?  Is it poor phrasing or intentional?  I ask because I regularly go to war with my parents over this one.  They keep saying that there is no one right path to salvation and I keep asking them "what the hell is the point of believing at all then?".  I've got three kids so excited about Halloween that I am having a hard time getting them to focus and don't have time to read all of DH, so I'm hoping you will forgive my ignorance and help me out here. 

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