Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
I am saying that without restating Catholic teaching, Catholics may become confused as to what's meant by "the liberty to freely choose one's religion."  This is true only if it's restricted to mean "the liberty to become and profess the true religion," but false if given a broader meaning.  The document doesn't make this important distinction, and the same problem is present in Dignitatis Humanae, which asserts the "God-given right" to profess and propagate error in public (cf. n. 3).  It is not a specific, context-sensitive document, but rather it states: "Over and above all this, the council intends to develop the doctrine of recent popes on the inviolable rights of the human person and the constitutional order of society" (n. 1).

The Catechism, thankfully, teaches that man doesn't have a moral right to error, but it also -- without a precise qualification -- states that men have a "natural right" to publicly profess error.  So, it's confusing and ambiguous.

I'll respond again later.

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