Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
(10-31-2012, 01:08 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: Oh and one more question:

Why is it that everyone is so up in arms about addressing the "real world" context of these documents?  I am confused by this.  We can't read these texts in a vacuum since they are responding at once to each other and to the social/political circumstances of the world around them.  A document like Dignitatis Humanae seems to be a very secularly minded work - one that addresses a specific context.  Is it wrong to read it within that context?  Why?

Should the Church teach and profess what is best for society and what is the best way of society or compromise to the present temporary times and teach things that only work in this way of society? We are to achieve and uphold the Ideal State, not settle for this sewage government and society. The real debate is how to lead these lost souls back to ideal states, Vat II took an gradualistic model that tries to work within the present framework of society to reform it, the early Church guided society to the ideal state by enduring persecution, professing the unflinching truth and stand as a complete antithesis to men's idea of religion and state.

More to the point of the present "reality," there is nothing real about this present world; as long as it ignores the light of the Church, it shall always remain in illusion and darkness to it's inevitable death. This will not endure though, if you think Christ is going to sit this out then you have been ignoring the constant message of our Queen in her apparitions, we will see the King administrate His Justice upon this veil world soon enough.

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