Printer Friendly Ordinary of the Mass
My parish is having the TLM for the first time ever this Friday and Father has tasked me with finding a something that can be printed out in large numbers to help people follow along with the mass. We have about a dozen of the Ecclesia Dei Booklet Missals, but there will probably be at least a 100 people there so that will not cut it. Everything I have found online prints out to at least 20 pages even in small font. Even if it doesn't have the entire mass, anything that will help people to follow along would be great. Only a half a dozen of the people there will have ever been to a TLM before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is in the Baltimore Washington area and is interested in going to an All Souls Day TLM, pm me for details. (It's during the middle of the day.)

I'd say this is your best bet. It is only the propers, but I think it will have to do:
(10-31-2012, 03:48 PM)Atomagenesis Wrote:

If you use that one at the top is Kaledarium which can be changed to the exact date which will include the propers. It's pretty good if I must say so my self.


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