The number of abusing priests is miniscule
I do not wish to minimize abuse. It is grave and evil. But, rather, to correct the perception that the priesthood is filled with abusers, and the Church is filled with abused people. This is simply not true.

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According to Msr. Charles J. Scicluna:

Between 2001-2010 roughly 3,000 cases of abuse were examined, which involve offenses committed in the last fifty years.

60% were ephebophilia, that is, sexual attraction to adolescents of the same sex.
30% were heterosexual relations.
10% were true pedophilia, meaning sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children.

Of these 3000 cases,

60% did not involved  full legal proceedings due to the advanced age of the accused, but some administrative and disciplinary measures were taken, such as a ban on celebrating Mass with the faithful and on hearing confessions, and the requirement to live a secluded life of prayer.
20% involved full legal proceedings.
10% involved a decree of removal from the clerical state.
10% involved the accused clergy themselves asked to be relieved of the obligations of priesthood, some of these were caught in possession of child pornography, also condemned by civil authorities.

Of these 3000 cases, they hail from:

US: (2003-2004) 80% ; (2009) 25%

No other country is mentioned.

On average there are 250 cases per year. There were 412,236 priests in 2010. That means .06% of the priesthood is involved! Perhaps we can be generous and bump it up to double to account for unreported cases: .12%.



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