Isolated, what to do?
(11-02-2012, 12:27 AM)knittycat Wrote: We hope to move in the near future.   But it will be further out into the country to tell you the truth.  The social isolation isn't too bad, but the spiritual isolation is what's killing me right now.   I *NEED* a traditionally minded priest to talk to.  Friends to commiserate with and vent to would be nice, sure, but it's the lack of spiritual direction that is making me feel so blue.

I agree with the earlier posters that you ought to call a place where you can talk to a priest. I'd suggest the nearest FSSP site.
Seems like your problems are like an onion with many layers.  If you have a short term problem eating at you, get to confession and get if fixed.  I think you are the one with a bad living arrangement, though if you are living chaste, it's not the end of the world.  Get that taken care of ASAP.  If you are in sin right now, you aren't getting the grace you need.  Sounds like a tough situation.  Whatever you do, don't harden your heart.  Admit it is not good, and commit to fixing it ASAP, and remain chaste.

Long term you need a girl friend.  Your future husband ain't going to give you sympathy, and reflexively doesn't want to hear your problems just to hear them.  Men are wired to fix problems.  Period.  You can't change that, and you shouldn't want to change that.  God made girl friends so you can have a big cry and eat cheese cake.  Men ain't into that.

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