Michael Voris: What is a Catholic?
Interesting. The cleric interviewer presented by Mr. Voris also interviewed Bishop Fellay:


In this interview, he does not smile or show enthusiasm as in his interviews with Novus Ordo prelates like Cardinal George and Wuerl, betraying his sympathies openly.

If you ask the random Catholic in the Novus Ordo Mass what the word "Catholic" ( just the translation and definition universal) means, most will not even know the answer. I learned this from just asking a few classmates in high school who I see attend the local novus ordo every Sunday. One even answered to me that she just goes to Church every Sunday, and that is the maximum of her devotion to her faith.  The fact of the matter is, apart from dissent and not following the teachings of the Church, the vast majority of Catholics today are apathetic to their religion and heritage, not giving a care at all.
While battling heresy at a "Catholic" teacher's college, while trying to stay civil enough to not utterly ruin the career I was preparing for, I was told by a "Catholic" teacher's college intructor (who accepts contraception and sodomy) that "Catholic" means "universal" and that, thus, I should stop being so narrow-minded because Catholicism embraces a universal variety of theological views.
I thank Voris for this, because you get the impression he is okay from other interviews. God help these priests!
Fr. Roscica can be a bully, so get ready for blowback !
(11-02-2012, 11:53 PM)Allan Wrote: Fr. Roscica can be a bully, so get ready for blowback !

I think Voris can hold his own against someone like Roscica. Though, if Roscica does strike back, I hope it's public and I can watch Roscica go home with his tail between his legs
(11-02-2012, 03:05 PM)Old Salt Wrote:

I notice Voris is doing a lot of calling out lately -- Dolan, Catholic Charities, and now this. I say good for him. He is using the platform God has given him to voice what many of us wish to say. It is beyond me why this priest would say the things he did unless he is actually also in dissent about Church teachings. It's time to show these guys that they no longer have a willing group of listeners in the pews. This group is withering anyways, but we're left holding the bag, so to speak. We have a lot of work re-evangelizing the young ones who were sold this poisonous bill of goods. We might as well just say it straight to anyone with ears -- they were and are wolves in sheep's clothing.
Yes, it seems pretty clear to me that Voris doesn't give a hoot about being part of the in crowd, or getting fancy invitations or anything like that.

His is a unique form of anti-clericalism to be sure.

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