Michael Voris: What is a Catholic?
I have to admit that it was difficult to watch Father Rosica just fawning over Gregory Baum like that; it was nauseating at times. One must remember that this is the same Gregory Baum who helped bring us the conciliar documents: On Religious Liberty, On Ecumenism, and On the Church's Relation to Non-Christian Religions.  And who thinks that Father Karl Rahner and Cardinal Franz König were great men of faith.

Baum also despises the traditional hierarchical structuring of the Church and the idea of Papal supremacy.  He teaches Catholics that they should undermine the authority of the Church by the skillful violating of her laws, taking full advantage of Christian forgiveness with the understanding that this kind of dissidence will most likely go unpunished, therefore circumventing the authority of the Church. 

He also actively encouraged priests to leave the priesthood and encouraged the laity to take over more of the clergy's roles to help build his Marxist-inspired people's Church. To see Father Rosica so enamored with this apostate priest was disturbing, to say the least. Thank God we have men like Michael Voris who are stepping up and exposing these wolves in sheep clothing. 

On a side note, one of the more interesting parts of the Baum interview was the talk of Ratzinger's conversion from liberal reformer during the Second Vatican Council to his more conservative stance that developed after seeing the violent student protests that broke out in the late sixties. Ratzinger felt that much of this rampant disregard for authority was due to the liberal reforms in the Church and Her departure from traditional Catholic teachings. I had always wondered about this change of heart by the current Pope.

Oh, before I forget, thank you Christknight104 for posting the Bishop Fellay interview; it was a breath of fresh air after listening to Gregory Baum spout on for thirty minutes.
More info on this guy:

After watching this video, I sent a modest donation to ChurchMilitant.tv.  And now I'm feeling so JOYFUL!!  :w2go:
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I have no words to this... The lack of backbone in that Bishops has sentenced millions to hell because Baum was not silenced.

The blood of innocents and the eternal damnation of souls is not only on Baum's hands, but on the hands of all those who did not stop him

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