The attorney for William and Amy Bauer, the adoptive parents of a pregnant 32 year old mentally disabled woman fears that a Nevada district judge could order their daughter to undergo involuntary sterlilization and abortion.
The Bauers, who adopted Elisa Bauer in 1992, were granted legal guardianship over Elisa when she became an adult because she has the mental capacity of a six year old. Elisa, who lives in a group home, became pregnant, reportedly at a local truck stop. Although the Bauers found six couples willing to adopt Elisa's baby, Washoe County social Services requested a court hearing regarding the matter. The judge in the ccase said that "Ihave inherent authority (to override the wishes of Elisa's parents) because the court appointed the guardians and they are agents of the court." according to the Bauers' attorney.
Nevada has changed from being very conservative to being liberal due to the influx of Californian's from LA who sold their overpriced homes to live in Las Vegas.
The cancer only spreads.  It will only stop when God destroys a large part of mankind.
I read about this elsewhere and its very shocking. I wonder, if they move away from Nevada before the child is born and establish residency elsewhere, would there be legal consequences?

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