What do you think the election of Obama proves?
I'm not really sure why some people are so shocked on the one hand that Obama won, and on the other hand so disappointed that Romney didn't.  What's worse, a wolf, or a wolf in sheep's clothes?  Those were our choices this time around...just like last time...and the time before...and the time before.......................

Since I became eligible to vote I have NOT voted for any of the following: Bush, Gore, Kerry, Obama, McCain, and Romney.  What a bunch of losers...and that's a charitable thing to say about them.  'Nuff said.
(11-07-2012, 02:17 PM)Scriptorium Wrote: Obama won for various reasons. He is charismatic. He is supportive of sin, and sin is popular. He will get you free goodies. Pure ignorance. Ephermal knowledge of the matter. Incumbent. Romney is too conservative. Romney is Mormon. Romney is white. Etc. Etc. There are a million reason. I don't think any pattern can be found except Obama is more supportive of our sinful lifestyles and culture. He fits us like a glove it seems.

(11-07-2012, 12:04 PM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: It proves that the US is slipping and sliding ever faster and ever further into irrelevancy and into a Third World nation.
  Yeah CK, that is what scares me.   I'd much prefer a complete collapse.  The Latin Americans have proven that you can live in a cesspool for 100 years and get used to it.  The Japs are pushing 25 years.  The parasite class breaks 50%, and you are stuck living like them for as long as the eye can see.  Look at social security.  We now think it is normal and ok to pay 15% of you salary for 45 years, leaving little to save on your own, and getting a meager little pension from SS.  Look at Medicare.  You pay $1000/mo (yeah, only $150 on your stub), to pay for the cost shifting.  Without medicare, that $850/mo would go in your pocket.  But we think that is normal.  With Obamacare, we'll think it is normal to wait for a few months so that the illegals get "their" care on the same priority as us.  And, with QEinfinity, we'll think it normal to have 20% real unemployment and 0% interest on our savings account, with gasoline and food going up in price year after year.  It is the Latin American hell hole that I fear the most.

Allow me to expand on what the both of us said, James.

As you pointed out, economically the handwriting is on the wall and has been for quite some time. When SS began there were 17 workers to every retiree and now there are 3. People lived to an average age of 60-65, now they're living to an average of 75-80. When Medicare began in 1965 the American people were told it would only cost between $8 and $12 billion annually by 1990. By 1990 it was costing well over $100 billion annually.

Obama also killed the pipeline and he's all but forgotten his 2008 pledge to "burn clean coal." As you said this will result in rising gas prices. Shipping manufacturing jobs overseas to many of the same nations that supply us with many of our immigrants and you can see how we're destroying ourselves economically.

There are many reasons why we're slipping and sliding ever deeper into Third World status and I'll try to briefly name a few of them.

1) Education: Don't believe any politician who says "We're gonna improve/reform education!" The last thing the politicians want is a well informed, educated populace making decisions about who's going to actually run this country.

2)Defining deviancy down: Just look at the crap that passes for entertainment these days, especially television. Which such a dumbed down populace is it any wonder we're experiencing what one well known commentator called the "Snooki-fication of America?" Throw in the break up of the American family and the attempt to redefine it and that alone is a sign of even bigger trouble to come. People get conditioned to crap on all levels; entertainment, nutrition, corruption and so forth.

3) Fighting the 'last war": For the second election in row at least, the GOP has put up two lackluster candidates who ran two lackluster campaigns.Romney especially flip flopped more than Nadia Comenici did at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. They are looking for "the next Ronald Reagan." Never mind the fact that a Reagan comes along once every 50 years or so, but the country was different in many ways in 1980 compared to today. Which brings me to my next point; lack of leadership. Just as we haven't had a really strong leadership in the Papacy for decades so too has America had weak leaders for the most part for decades now. There is an old Hindu saying that goes like this: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." This can apply to both the Church and America.
Quote: I'm not really sure why some people are so shocked on the one hand that Obama won,

The shock is that a majority of Catholics voted for Odumbo.  Now I can understand not voting for Romney, and pulling the lever for the Constitution Party.  But voting for a socialist abortionist sodomite promoter?  That is shocking.
Amen CK.
(11-07-2012, 10:38 AM)mistman Wrote: What do you think the election of Obama proves?

It proves to me that this is the last president this country will have and the oligarchs are ready to shift the paradigm of the United States within the next four years. The radicalism of Obama means either the people are ready to accept and embrace Communism (which I don't believe since I know for a fact a president is pre-selected prior to election) or the power elites are ready to openly and rapidly steer this country into Communism. at any rate, the errors of Russia continues to spread and Russia itself remains unconsecrated and as well we're approaching Fatima's 100th anniversary which means the promised chastisement is imminent.

Ok, if Romney won what would we be saying here? America is on the road to hell? America supports abortion? Basically the same sort of comments currently present? We did not have proper candidates and I doubt we ever will. The other parties did not stand a chance anyway...how can they compete with big business sponsored candidates?

I read an interesting article today:

It differs from the standard OBAMA = A SOCIALIST! view.
Again, the economic collapse is baked into the pie.  Romney could not have prevented it.  In fact, the correct course of action is to EMBRACE the depression, and clean up the mess through bankruptcies.  But that is an aside.

The shocking thing is that more than half of Catholics voted for Obama.  As well as 70% of Mexicans (some double counting).  Which means there will never be a free market president elected again.  Romney was a liberal republican.  If it had been Ron Paul, Obama would have gotten 400 electoral votes.
(11-07-2012, 11:17 AM)PeterII Wrote:
(11-07-2012, 10:38 AM)mistman Wrote: I knew Obama would win because Jews support him. I think this election proves America is ready to drop its Christian facade completely. Brother Dimond was the first person who gave me the idea that the U.S. was the conquering messianic kingdom Jews envisioned when they rejected Christ. Europe and the Catholic Church were the old world and to be destroyed. Does anybody else here agree with this? Obama won on nothing more than Jewish finance and "minority" racism against white people. He has accomplished nothing.

I know enough Jewish Conservatives and Libertarians to know this is BS.  The Jewish scapegoat thing is really old, like really really old. 


The whole neo-con movement is full of Jews. Krauthammer, Ben Stein, Murdoch etc. If there is one good thing about Obama its that he isnt a Zionist neo con stooge.
As I said in this thread, the GOP should have run an Asian candidate. http://catholicforum.fisheaters.com/inde...807.0.html

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