Fr. Guarizno Out in DC
(11-08-2012, 01:56 PM)GottmitunsAlex Wrote:
(11-08-2012, 01:34 PM)per_passionem_eius Wrote: What will Moscow be like for him?
Apparently the Russian Orthodox are more Catholic than the US Catholics.
What a shame.

Hopefully he'll be an instrument of many conversions. 

Anyway, this could be an occasion of even more graces for him.  May it be so.
Old news, but still a shame. The diocese says it did not remove his faculties over the refusal of Holy Communion, but has another story about pastoral insensitivity immediately afterwards. I am loath to doubt my bishop but this story reeks.
Shame on Cardinal Wuerl of Washington
(11-08-2012, 07:24 PM)salus Wrote: Shame on Cardinal Wuerl of Washington

If Card. Wuerl had any sense of shame, he would be in a traditional monastery doing penance for the rest of his life.
:pray:  :pray:  :pray:  for Fr. Guarnizo.
If someone could dig up contact info for him, perhaps he could hear from those who love his defence of the faith and protection of the Bl. Sacrament?

If the Bishop was not such a eunuch and had a pair to go with the staff of his crozier, being a fighter worthy of his mitre and actually defended Fr. Guarnizo who was merely defending Christ: the Bishop would have to defend a defender of Christ; he'd have the arduous task of explaining doctrine per his position. Canon Law 436:

Quote:Can. 436 §1 Within the suffragan dioceses, the Metropolitan is competent:

1° to see that faith and ecclesiastical discipline are carefully observed and to notify the Roman Pontiff if there be any abuses;

2° for a reason approved beforehand by the Apostolic See, to conduct a canonical visitation if the suffragan Bishop has neglected it;

3° to appoint a diocesan Administrator in accordance with cann. 421 §2 and 425 §3.

§2 Where circumstances require it, the Apostolic See can give the Metropolitan special functions and power, to be determined in particular law.

§3 The Metropolitan has no other power of governance over suffragan dioceses. He can, however, celebrate sacred functions in all churches as if he were a Bishop in his own diocese, provided, if it is the cathedral church, the diocesan Bishop has been previously notified.

He, like many Bishops, is paving the beltway to hell with his insufferable skull lest he be forced into explaining to the Sodomites and Do-What-Thou-Wilt pagans, who call themselves "Catholics", that indeed they cannot be buggers or do what they wilt all willy-nilly; neither what they will with theirs or another willy, nor with their high-price nilly (as the Brits say). Bishop, don't be silly...

And so, Fr. Guarnizo experiences the grace of persecution as the Bishop sees it a prosecution; may Fr. Guarnizo kiss his Cross. Erstwhile, the Bishop gets to maintain his elbow-rubbing, hob-knob status amongst those who shall burn: cast like faggots into the flames, as so much chaff for casting off the cross which they bear because upon their shoulders it chafes. Though coming from the Father, it is lighter than the feet in their loafers. May Fr. Guarnizo not look back on Sodom. May he look forward to that heavenly Zion where lesbian buddhists do not reside, nor the successors of Judas preside.

All glory to Jesus Christ and shame to the Bishop.


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