Are there any notable Deaf traditional priests?
A few answers to the questions raised:

1. I write down my sins for the priest for confession.  Depending on whom I see, it's a crap shoot as far as if the priest will write anything back or if he''ll just start talking.  I'm no good at lip reading, so that can be frustrating.

2. Deaf priests are capable of using their voices.  I suppose if they were trained to properly enunciate the Latin words, they could say the Mass.  In that way, the only barrier against them would be the difficulty of learning.  I agree though that Masses involving singing would be out.  As for the actual canonical requirements, I am not familiar with those.  Really, the only Deaf priests I have read about are NO priests.  Of course, the situation is totally different for the NO.  Deaf advocates make some good arguments that the Mass can and should be properly translated for Deaf people.

3. I agree, the best thing to do would be just to get the homily/sermon beforehand if the priest does prepare it before delivering it.  A lot of things suggested as far as family and friends helping out are good, but are also asking a lot in time and effort.  I live alone, so a hand missal is really important to me and  usually I have to go without since my priests in the area are off the cuff guys.

If I missed anything, let me know what you want answered specifically.  I won't bore you with the difficulties of being a deaf Catholic.  There are people out there who've been deaf all their lives, identify as Deaf, and are quite happy with who they are, having never known sound.  Then there's people like me who've lost their hearing.  It really should be thought of as two different ministries.

I do agree with the idea that sight can never replace sound when it comes to the TLM.
Before Vatican II, it would be an impediment because you do not have the use of a faculty that is very useful in ministering, at least to most.  If a man had some other serious defect he could be denied seminary/ordination as well.  I am not saying this as a put down or anything of the sort, but, the fact is, the priesthood is not owed to any of us, even if we have full use of all the senses.  If a man already ordained starts to lose his hearing/sight, that is one thing and it is dealt with on a case by case basis.
  Getting a written copy of the sermon afterwards(or maybe before if you are a regular parishoner) is a good thing to do.  Let us all persevere.

I know an FSSP priest here in Florida who has a speech impediment due to some sort of hearing problem or something. He usually only says low Mass. I can't say he's deaf though, unless of course his being hard of hearing is a form of deafness. I do know that when he sings High Mass his Latin sounds kind of weird.
(11-09-2012, 03:14 AM)dark lancer Wrote: It was my understanding that noise is tolerated much less in the TLM than the NO--coughing during the TLM could summon the ushers, for instance.

This is an exaggeration.

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