"Acts of the Council"
Anyone know how to find a copy of the "acts of the council"?

We're they ever sold commercially? Are they available digitally at all?
You mean the documents?
Here are some sites you might try.
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No I mean more like the record of discussion, debates, decisions, and the official remarks of the relator.  I've heard of people consulting it to study the intended meanings of the documents.  Also, a "day book" would be nice; does anyone know where one can be purchased? 
I think you're only going to find them in very expansive Catholic libraries, as supposedly getting all the volumes costs thousands of dollars.  I may be wrong, but I don't think they have been translated at all either.

Here's a couple things which may be a good start for you though.

Some of the original preparatory documents translated into English:


The relatio for Dignitatis Humanae translated into English:


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