Bishop Fellay Repeats False Message from our Lady
Here are the original secrets (at the bottom of the page):

The one problem that jumps out with even the authentic ones that needs explaining is the predictions that the events described were to take place before the year 2000 or before 1950 (twice 50 years from the original message). The twice-50 number seems like it could be interpreteed as being symbolic, but the year 2000 one seems a little more difficult.

The one with Rome being the steat of the Antichrist is the same one James02 is quoting, and that is the later one put on the index.

To me, the later one seems like a pretty obvious attempt by an overzealous person trying to sensationalize the secrets and use them to pove the evilness of that time period.  For example, between the original secrets and the appearance of the one on the index, Rome was invaded, the papacy driven out, and the Liberal regime of the excommunicated Victor Emmanuel II was established there in its place--thus Rome losing the faith and becoming the seat of the Antichrist.  Masonic Lodges were also established (the churches of the evil spirits).  The evil spirits transporting people could refer to the regime's national railroad system, a portion of which was taken from the Papal States with the invasion of Rome (also, the railroad had previously been banned in the Papal States by Gregory XVI ,due to how it was being used to further the Liberal Italian unification cause--it's being built there was one of Bl. Pius IX's early concessions to the Liberals).

The descriptions of bad books, convents, and clerical life also fits the time period.  St. Anthony Mary Claret's autobiography gives good insight on this time period.  In it, he notes how Catholic communities were being corrupted by bad books brought in the boat-load (cf. pars. 549, 718, etc.).  Likewise, his whole minsitry was to go around preaching because the priests were bad in so many places and the convents were a mess.  For example, this is what he was told when he went to Madrid:

814. Madrid, April 15, 1864. A very pious and zealous lady told me, "There is a great deal of ignorance among the clergy. A great number of country parishes would be better off if the people had no priest at all, and just said the rosary together, rather than having to listen to the Mass of a stupid and immoral priest who does nothing but scandalize them."

Same with convents:

711. Those who have dealt with nuns know that in a community in which common life is not
observed there can be no real perfection. Instead of describing the resultant sad state of affairs myself, I would like to let a novice in one such convent describe it in her own words as she does in a letter she wrote to me, dated December 18, 1862.

712. "I find myself here in this convent. For the love of God and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ I beg you to take me out of this hell I'm in. It's not a convent, it's a tenement. There's no peace here; it's just one big maze. There's nothing here to please me. If our bishop knew what goes on in this convent, he would have closed it down long ago. I am about ready to make my profession, and I'll be a nun fit for hell. I can't trust anyone. My only hope is that through you, your Excellency, I will find some remedy and salvation for my soul. Since you are Her Majesty's confessor, you should counsel her to make a royal decree forbidding any novice to make her profession in any convent in which common life is not observed.

"Dear Sir, I'm not telling you the half of it. What a sad life it is! It's like a death: all I can do is suffer and hold my tongue. I hope that your Excellency will be able to remedy it somehow before the day of my profession comes. Everyone who lives in individualistic convents is going through the same thing I am. God only knows what goes on in convents like this. Help me quickly--time is running out; my profession is coming soon and I'll be caught beyond remedy in the deepest compromise."


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