Bishop Fellay Repeats False Message from our Lady
(11-15-2012, 02:43 PM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: And your opinion of private revelation. Big difference!!!
No opinion on the Church being eclipsed, just opening my eyes.  When Europe can usher in abortion and sodomite marriage, the Church has been eclipsed.  There is no argument against it.

First, I am more referencing your timelines and line of reasoning. As for "eclipse" of the Church, he should clarify exactly his thoughts on the matter. Benedict himself said the Church will become small probably. I have no problem with that notion. But when it is tied in with the phrase about the Antichrist, it leaves way too much up to the imagination, and I think feeds into the worst tendencies of some traditionalists who are end-timers and centrally focused on apparitions. This also buys into the faulty notion of the SSPX that "Eternal Rome" is what we're obedient too. Hey, if Rome is going to hell, and "Eternal Rome" is in our own subjective purview, then we see again more of the practical ignoring of the Pope, along the lines of Williamson's paper Pope. It is loose language, seems to be catering to the wrong crowd. I think it is ill timed. And will anyone be able to undo the sort of line of actions they influence when, perchance, Rome does not fall to the Antichrist, or the Pope does not get shot and killed as in the literal vision of Lucia, or the Third Secret does not talk about a Council or a Mass?

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