Bishop Fellay Repeats False Message from our Lady
(11-19-2012, 06:41 PM)Meg Wrote:
(11-19-2012, 06:33 PM)The Dying Flutchman Wrote: A good Saintly Pope has always been a rarity.

All the more reason to pay attention to the wise words of the saintly Pope Pius X regarding having love, respect, and obedience toward the Pope. If a fraternity of priests is going to name themselves after Pope Pius X, they might at least consider what St. Pius X would have done in this situation. Would he have condoned a Catholic bishop citing an unapproved (more likely condemned) quote from a apparition to back up the belief that Rome has lost the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ?

This line of thought is grabbing at straws. No Pope with the exception of Pius XII who was warned about the danger(thats why he was smart enough not to call a council as he had planned) would have assumed that one day we would have the Roman shenanigans we do now. Do you think Pius X would have foreseen a Pope giving his Pectoral Cross to the Archheretic of Canterbury or Asking St John the Baptist to Bless Islam or saying Voodoo is one of the worlds great religions or a Pope name a prelate who doesn't believe in the Virgin Birth or the bodily Resurrection to head  the CDF?

Things are very different now. As + Fellay quoted Our Lady "Rome has lost the faith."  (No I am not a Sedevacantist I believe there is a Pope)

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