Opened an Etsy shop for my handmade Rosaries
Ecce, thank you again for the purchase! I will ship out your order first thing tomorrow and I will have them blessed before doing so.

Loggats, Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely take them into consideration. The next set I put up will have multiple images. The reason I did not have more was because I took the photos with my camera phone and it doesn't take the best indoor shots. I would have used my real camera (Canon 7d) but it was stolen from my car back in October, along with my bikes from the garage. I'll be replacing everything this week and so I'll put at least 4 more rosaries up. I'm debating on whether or not it'd be worth it to put up Chotkis (pater nosters), as I made two but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in them.
I posted a new Rosary up and added more images infront of a white background. Is this what is appealing to others? I'm going to be adding 4 more by Saturday as well but I thought I'd ask opinions on the presentation first.

Much better! great rosary (the crucifix is especially nice too).
I always appreciate the opinions of fellow faithful Catholics...what do you think of this new one?
I'm not too sure why you have these little beads above the crucifix and all around the centre.  Counting your prayers in the dark, or if visually impaired, could yield 11 in a decade, etc.  I would take them out, and perhaps insert a nice bone skull above the crucifix (nice skull beads at all price points available online, eBay, etc.).

This is your thing, not mine, but combining man sized beads (anything 8mm or larger) in softer, feminine colours might also be a mismatch.  Big beads in black, browns, earthy, metal etc., smaller beads in warmer colours.

I know this is a difficult technique, but if you're going to go all out on heavy gauge wire, perhaps go all the way and make wire-wrapped Rosaries.  I own one from the original guy who started doing it (indestructible rosaries, eBay handle jldion) and it's something else. 

Keep it up.  It's a wonderful apostolate. 
Thanks for the feed back. I just really love smells and bells and tend to incorporate that in my work.  Didn't think turquoise was strictly for the gals...being a man, I like that colour. I have St Peter's cross tattooed to my side in that colour. They keys are bronze/gold.

Haha I have these great white, iced looking beads that are 6mm and 8mm. I suppose I'll construct that rosary with females in mind.
Go with your artistic integrity - we all know that pink was a boy's colour till Queen Victoria came along :P

Making Rosaries is a wonderful apostolate.  The key is to get them into as many hands as possible.  Wire-wrapping requires skill, to be sure, but the premiums can be huge, and ultimately every person with the means will want at least one indestructable one.

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