Pope St Pius X explains what loving the Pope really entails.
(11-20-2012, 01:57 AM)Christknight104 Wrote: Even Popes Benedict IX and Alexander VI, both of whom were decried to have thoroughly enjoyed the sins of the flesh, were chronicled to have been doctrinally orthodox.

But Pope John 22nd preached that no one was going to see the Beatific Vision until after the Final Judgment.  He held that view right up until shortly before his death. 

And Stephen's rulings on Formosus were so-called "universal laws" about the validity of Formosus' ordination.  Stephen was later overruled by a subsequent Pope who was overruled by another and overruled by another. 

We have Popes who were full of personal errors and sins of the flesh as well as Popes who held theological errors and made judgments on sacramental validity and Church governance as the Supreme Pontiff that were wrong. 

There is only a very narrow slice of the papacy as we know it today (or within the last century) that is protected by God.  A saint like Pius X or Pius V (only 3 in the last thousand years)  will get extra help and be able to do extraordinary things because he's saintly, less so than because he's Pope. 

Padre Pio and St. Pius X could both perform miracles, but it was because of their sanctity, not their jobs that enabled them to do it. 

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