Pope St Pius X explains what loving the Pope really entails.
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I'd definitely recommend careful study of the article by Dr Lamont. It's helped me see the cataclysm that came in the wake of Vatican II as something that was approaching for a very long time. The understanding of faith as a response to a trustworthy testimony, even that of God Revealing, became eclipsed by the implicit notion that faith was, rather, obedience to a command from a superior. I'm afraid that, again, that old rascal William of Ockam contributed to this by his denial of universals. Just as we must do something not because of its intrinsic goodness but because God commands it, so also we must believe something not because of its truth but because God commands it.

Thank you for this recommendation, Scotus. I currently have "free" time for reading, so I'll look into it.

Ultimately, with origin arguments one can go back to the Fall itself, but the deterioration and even rot of Christendom and the strength of the Church goes back a long may. A friend of mine believes it to have started with the Black Death, and I recently heard a trad bishop reference another trad bishop, then give his own opinion that Sciarra Colonna, a henchman of Philip the Fair of France, slapping Pope Boniface VIII in the Faith began the demise to the deplorable state the Church is in today.

That opine really had me thinking, since Philip the Fair was a mere grandson of one of the holiest men to ever live, St. Louis IX. The Church did not have to deal with Protestantism, liberalism, humanism, or the Enlightenment, yet even in the 14th century did the rot begin, and ever since, there has been a constant bombardment, one after the other, against the Church.
Quote:Thus, we have come to the pass where Catholics are being called to unconditionally assent, for example, to the novel teaching of the Second Vatican Council on religious liberty even though it is simply not clear in what it coheres with the traditional teaching on that subject. But, rather than an authoritative clarification being given, demands for obedience are heard. As if religious assent were purely a matter of the will barking orders to the intellect: "assent! assent!"

Indeed, there is a constant demand placed upon traditional Catholics to accept Vatican II, even though heretics and other scoundrels have often been given free reign to do as they please, in liturgy, doctrine, or discipline. Only truly radical heretics are ever disciplined, along with traditional Catholics.

I would argue that the Council's novel teaching is not unclear, but is quite a contradiction to, say, Quanta Cura. One can argue to the contrary and attempt to spin the document, but it's proper interpretation rests with the authorities who promulgated it, and in their subsequent words and deeds, it has proven to be a contradiction.
Quote:Perhaps God has permitted this terrible situation, in part, to demonstrate how the notion of faith had imperceptibly changed in the Church.

He could have, but I always think that God specifically placed all of us where we are, when we are for a specific purpose. Right now is the time God has willed that we serve Him in the best manner possible, and some greater good must come out of the situation God is permitting to occur.

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