Over 1000 pilgrims at Starkenburg 2012
I hope this one doesn't get sent to the Cornfield.


The SSPX's Pilgrimage of Tradition to the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Starkenburg, Missouri, was held from November 1-3.

From across the Midwest, and even from as far away as Syracuse, New York, came over 1000 faithful, priests, clergy and religious on the last day, Saturday, to make the last 12 miles of the pilgrimage to the historic Marian shrine.
[Image: DSC05598_small.JPG]

Previously throughout Thursday and Friday, about 300 people, mostly youth, started towards the shrine from 43 miles away, led by District Superior, Fr. Arnaud Rostand.

A special thank you to the large contingents that came from the SSPX's academy in Syracuse, New York, La Salette Boys Academy in Olivet, Illinois and  St. Mary's, Kansas.

So did anything happen?
I really wanted to know how it went too. At least it looks like nobody tried to stop them from being there.
I like the t-shirts they are wearing that say "The Future Belongs ... to the Noble of Heart" with the two hearts topped with the crown and cross.
Do the young camp out and when do they offer mass?
Pretty cool

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