Demonic aspects of Mohammedism.
Having read the Quran and the Hadith of Bhukari, I have come to the same conclusion.

(11-21-2012, 12:56 PM)Unum Sint Wrote: For those of you who speculate like I do that the revelation that Muhammad received in the cave was actually a demonic "suppression" experience if not partial "possession" what I find as the biggest evidence in the actual tenet of the message that confirms its demonic origins is the denial of the Incarnation.

My reason for believing this is something that I was recently reminded of when visiting the Rorate Caeli website in which we have the words of Luther and Lucifer both in parallel as "I stand here, I can do no other" and of course "I will not serve."

Now it is this second that caught my attention as the supposed reasoning of the fall of the "light bearer" the most beautiful of the angels was due to his pride however another aspect that is not talked about is his utter hatred for humanity as it is that creation that he refused to serve. I have to imagine that humanity it self is what the Devil hates the most of all creation as we being the main reason for his fall from Grace. Or at least as a creature he feels compelled to hate us. Yet at the same time think of the unthinkable and completely anathema view that God him who you worshiped and served and loved who not only cast you down for what you consider a lower creature but also joined his creation and elevated humanity with His Incarnation sealing a union between God and man for all eternity.

It is my contention that for these aspects the creature we know as the Devil processed or suppressed Muhammad making him his puppet and creating a believe system that is so cruel and stringent that dominates every aspect of life of the human and in reality does not inspire obedience, but rather "submission" which philosophically speaking mean completely different things. More evidence of it is "Islams" notable hatred for artistic creations such as anything that resembles nature and music with exceptions for certain instruments. Once again showing its anti-humanistic aspects. Yet returning to the main point, the complete denial and stringent insistence on the denial of the sonship, word made flesh, and the begotten of God, signals a disproportionate hostility.
(11-21-2012, 01:48 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Another aspect of Mohammedanism that points to its demonic origin is in it's vision of paradise being a sensual pleasure garden of sex and booze. Does not also Mohammedanism deny even that man is fallen and in need of redemption? Almost everything about it is evil or points to the devil.

And there is no beatific vision, nor God at all, in heavan.

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