Transubstantiation in modern science: How can substance change without accidents
(12-07-2012, 04:49 PM)Allan Wrote: Woman ==> Gives Birth ==> Mother   [Same thing "accidents" wise, though - XX chromosomes, flesh, two lungs, hemoglobin, carbon-based life - and yet, now totally different]

Virgin ==> Sex ==> Not a Virgin  [can never be a virgin again, changed in reality, yet the same person in appearance]
Though what you say is true they are very different scenarios.

Woman ==> Gives Birth ==> Mother
1. By definition a mother is one who has had a birth. Without the event of a birth a mother can never exist.
2. A mother is still a woman.

Virgin (one who has not had sex) ==> Sex (we all know what this is) ==> Not a Virgin (One who has had sex)
1. Without the existence of sex the women could not become not-a-virgin
2. The event (sex) is only a description of what has occurred to the object (virgin) in the past. Though natural changes occur in the woman as a result of this act. Those changes are not what classifies her as not-a-virgin, but rather her participation in sex.
3. If the object started as a woman, she is not transformed into a not-a-virgin, she is a not-a-virgin  and a woman. No transformation of substance.

Bread ==> Consecration ==> Flesh of Jesus  (Flesh or Jesus, not defined by: a consecrated piece of bread)
1. Jesus and his flesh/blood can exist without, consecration.
2. Jesus and his flesh/blood are not dependent on the existence of bread for there existence.
3. Transubstantiation changes bread into flesh, the original substance of bread no longer exists.
4. It exists because it is now something different then bread, it is flesh, not because it was Consecrated, but because it has been transformed into something different. It exists as something different in the present than the past. where as a virgin is only different in the sense that she committed a specific act in the past. However her existence is not different after the act then before the act. In transubstantiation the existence of bread changes to an existence of flesh.
5. It would be possible for God to turn any substance into his flesh without consecration. However by definition, one can not be created as not-a-virgin. One must first have sex.

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