Transubstantiation in modern science: How can substance change without accidents
Two concepts at work here:

The Mass or consecration as an "experience" that changes the substance (defined, recall, as what a thing REALLY is), making my analogies perfectly clear and spot on, except for the following concept, also at work in transubstantiation:

The supernatural - God working through the priest, fulfilling His promise, in a way that we can neither see nor understand.  Faith tells us it happens, but it is a mystery how or why.

Why did God deign to create this thing called the Eucharist?  Why is eating His flesh and drinking His blood necessary for our salvation?  As opposed to eating fish or doing the hokey pokey?  We don't know.  We never will in this life.  It's a mystery.  Don't try to figure it out. 

Think logically:

Jesus was God.
God can do anything.  ANYTHING.
Jesus gave us the Eucharist, the Church and the priesthood and told us what to do.
Therefore, the bread changes.  The wine changes. 

And we understand all we are meant to. The furthest analogies can go is to demonstrate that we humans instinctively know that a thing can be much more than what it looks like, or the sum of its parts.  Because of things that happen and experiences, objects and people can become different things without changing their appearances.

Last example:

Two men, identical twins.  No one can tell them apart.  One is ordained priest.  Both say Mass.  From an observer's position, there will be absolutely no way to know which is the valid Mass, and on which corporal resides the Body and Precious Blood of Our Lord.  Yet, we KNOW for CERTAIN that one corporal containers the Body and Blood, and the other wine and bread.  But yet the accidents (what you erroneously keep calling the substance) on each corporal are identical.  One substance is Body, the other bread.

This is not hard. 

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