New EWTN Hit: "Cooking With Raymond"?
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Being a frequent guest of Raymond's, I think Father Sirico would be fabulous for this show.

As the Director of the Acton Institute and with his love of Kochsucker Ecomonics, we may have an interesting angle here.

Perhaps he can help whip up dishes in a segment named "Kochsucker Home Economics".

The recipes could involve the most delicious of delicacies with the creamiest of sauces on a budget.

A kochsucker is anyone involved in politics who advocates policies that benefit corporations, big business and right wing interests, under the guise that those policies will actually benefit normal Americans. Very similar to a teabagger.

So don't go accusing me of talking dirty. Any off color humor due to the characters involved is purely serendipitous and in your head. And perhaps perhaps in Father Sirico's as well.


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