New EWTN Hit: "Cooking With Raymond"?
(12-09-2012, 02:20 PM)Jacob Wrote:
(12-09-2012, 01:56 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: A kochsucker is anyone involved in politics who advocates policies that benefit corporations, big business and right wing interests, under the guise that those policies will actually benefit normal Americans. Very similar to a teabagger.

So don't go accusing me of talking dirty. Any off color humor due to the characters involved is purely serendipitous and in your head. And perhaps perhaps in Father Sirico's as well.

I won't accuse you of off-color humor, but teabaggers as you call them are hardly so monolithic in thought as to espouse all you attribute to them.

As for including Father Sirico, you would be better off including Father Z since he seems to admire Father Sirico so much and posts so much about cooking.

I was just giving the definition of a kochsucker. If it really bothers you, why don't you take it up with Urban Dictionary for including it in their definition. 

But that's not really your issue, now is it, Jacob?

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