New EWTN Hit: "Cooking With Raymond"?
Adam Wayne Wrote:What's disgusting? My humor or Father Sirico?

He's a Capitalist Pig and a homosexual that performed "gay marriages" when he was a Prot. I believe he may have even performed the first homosexual union.

He's also a Priest and, by virtue of his office, deserves your due respect. Your petty, political sensibilities gives you no right to refer to him as a "pig". Holy Mother Church has allowed Catholics to ascribe to Capitalist economic theory within certain parameters and you have no right to malign anyone (much less a Priest) for doing so. The way in which so many trads develop such an unhealthy fixation on such secular matters is quite disturbing.

In addition, can you substantiate your claim that Father is a homosexual or is this just a belligerent piece of calumny penned in some dark corner of the blogosphere? ... and why is he to be condemned for what he did prior to his conversion (or reconversion) to the Faith? If this is your logic then I shudder at what you must think of St. Augustine, Bartolomo Longo or Mary Magdalene. Can you prove Father's conversion was any less sincere? I've read a few of his comments on homosexual unions and I see no instance of him straying from what the Church teaches. Can you prove otherwise? 

If he's as much of a deviant and a source of scandal as you claim he is, I'd be more than happy to see what it is you've uncovered. If you possess none, hit the confessional asap.

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