Are Women Religious Allowed to Preach Homily at NO Mass?
(12-10-2012, 02:25 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote:
(12-10-2012, 02:16 PM)Meg Wrote:
(12-10-2012, 02:00 PM)Allan Wrote: 1. Thank him for his candid reply, and ask that RS be complied with in the future.
2. Inform him that, in light of his reply, you do not feel your own obligations under RS require you to pursue the matter further.
3. Offer him your prayers, and ask for his.
4. Document EVERYTHING and SAVE IT.
5. IF this nonsense occurs again, drag it all up again and write the Bishop, include copies of EVERYTHING. 

Thanks for the good advice. I will use these ideas. I hadn't thought about letting him know that I won't persue the matter further, but of course he may be worried that I may contact the Archbishop, and I woudn't want him to worry about that.

Honest question, but why not?

He's a pastor of souls and has an obligation to be obedient.  He knows the bits about liturgical law.  He has wantonly ignored them for whatever reason.  If he worries about what his laity think and say of him to the archbishop, maybe he'll get his act together.

Do you work with people? I have 'superiors' (more like supervisors) and 'subordinates' (people at varying levels of training, really), and if I had a constructive bit of criticism for someone, and they responded with acknowledgement, and then I went ahead and reported them further, I would

1. be kind of a jerk
2. ruin any credibility as someone on their side who wanted to help them improve
3. make enemies
4. waste the 'big guns.'

But #4 I mean that reporting a priest to his archbishop, or calling the police over a dispute with a neighbor, etc, should be done if a direct and respectful approach doesn't work.

Do you want bishops to deal with recalcitrant priests? If so, let's not waste their time over a priest who actually looks up RS, admits something he did was abrogated (he now realizes). Give him the benefit of the doubt and move on.
I forgot to mention how much I appreciate everyone's input on this thread. The situation had a very good outcome, due in no small part to to info I got on this thread. God bless!

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