Cowardly Catholics
"For if one does not love God enough to offend bad men for his sake, how can he love him above all things? And if one does not love God above all things, how can he be saved? "

Although this has become a pretty consistent theme with Micheal Voris and maybe some other bloggers and Catholic Culture speakers I thought that this Homily explained in a none boisterous way why Catholics are obliged to stand up for Jesus Christ and his church when it is under attack.  Once again this was written and preached over 100 years ago.  Fortunately though it also shows how good living should be stood up for as well as the Holy Faith.

One of the things I like about a lot of the old homilies is that they are generally presented in a "if you do this you will be saved" or "if you do this you will not be saved" etc.  In my own experience it does not seem that many homilists bring up the question of salvation (though I guess they think it is implied when they speak of sin) with the clarity that these Paulists Fathers did back in the 1800's.

The text is here

A Dramatic reading is here

When people believe that the average person is at least sincere with his heretical or false creed then why worry about his salvation, that is what many churchmen believe

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