Life on the Streets
This man appears to prefer life on the streets. He reminds me of St Benedict Labre.
Was St. Benedict a dropout then?

This man appear to have tuned out from society. He has eliminated every day responsibilities such as a job, rent, bills and general personal up keep. Some people like him are in need of mental therapy or drug therapy, some had decent paying jobs but had traumatic experiences such as divorce, a death in the family or other life happenings they don't have the fortitude to deal with.

Would he not be better living in his Bronx apartment and teaching the local kids basketball or how to read?  That would seem to me to be a better use of his time than wandering the streets barefoot.

Or join a monastery and pray and work from sun up to sun down.  He wouldn't be tough enough for that though.  It would require him to subjugate his will to another.  Right now, doing what the heck he wants when he wants is his fix.

This man appears to be just a dropout, lucky enough to live in a society rich and liberal enough to support his idiosyncrasies.  Saw nothing in the article to make him comparable to any saint.  Well, maybe a Post Vatican II saint.

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