Were Quincineara's part of the pre-Vatican 2 church in Mexico? Is there a special mass in the Old Missal or in the Old Book of Blessings for it? Can anybody put it on here,it could be a good idea for the Trad Mass communities to revitalize the Old Quincineara reverence to try to bring some of the Mexican faithful over to the Latin Mass.
I can't respond specificially if there's a traditional rite, but the idea is rooted in traditional religion.  The idea that a young lady is commemorating the fiat of the Blessed Virgin and honoring her "adulthood" by imitation of Our Lady.  At least before it became the expensive affair that we see now.  In addition, I have seen quincieñeras commemorated at traditional chapels, but because it's more of a blessing I doubt there is a rite.

That said, having a Latin family, I don't think that is what would do it (although, it certainly wouldn't hurt).  Rather, having conversed with Latino families in our area, our pastor, and my own wife, I think much familiar would be:

1.) Train more priests in Spanish as well.  Although, my wife knows English, and our priest can understand Spanish (although not speak it), she doesn't feel comfortable with confession at Novus Ordo churches, but feels left out on the lack of spiritual detail from the priest.

2.) More invitation of Latino families:  Many Latino families (especially immigrants) tend to go to Protestant churches because they have an active evangelization.  Just sending a letter out in English and Spanish can do wonders from our traditional parishes.

3.) Praying that our priests stay faithful:  We have seen at our chapel each month about a new Latino family.  They don't speak English, but they are drawn and hunger for that spirit at our traditional churches.  Likewise, many are turned away from the church because of hypocritical and lukewarm priests and laity.  Thus prayer would work.


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