Christmas music in the medieval folk vein!
I absolutely love hurdy gurdies, dulcimers, harps, bowed psalteries and so on. A few years back I came across this guy from TN that constructs bowed psalteries and he also records traditional folk songs. I never cared for his song selections until I stumbled upon his renditions of Christmas carols. I listen to this CD throughout the year, as I'm sort of geeky and listen to Christmas music all year round. I probably should've made this post before Christmas, this way if anyone was actually interested they could've made the purchase at the beginning of the month. Anyway! Check it out...absolutely gorgeous!

Rick Long - Bowed Psaltery Christmas
This is one of those things I figured only HK knew about it.

I think I'll have a listen!
Oh, excellent! Thanks so much for posting this, I will happily check it out later. Medieval music is far and away my favorite.
Ohhh beautiful. I'll have to check this out.

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