Marriage Guidelines
The Christian-Muslim Forum, an organization co-chaired by Auxilliary Bishop Paul hendricks of Southwark, has published guidelnes on Christian Muslim marriages.
The website I am directed to does not appear Catholic. In any case, it's good for Catholics to know what the Church requires when there is disparity of cult. The non-Catholic party must agree to allow the children to be baptized and raised Catholic, to allow the spouse and children to attend Mass and live Catholic lives, that it is for life and that remarriage, except in the case of death, is impossible, and so on. This also involves the signing of documents so that no one can claim ignorance.
A bad idea to marry a Muslim in most cases I would think.
What, Poche?

No :) :) :)
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(12-21-2012, 10:08 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote: What, Poche?

No :) :) :)
Since we were talking about disparity of cult, I believe that there needs to be a more careful preparation than in just any marriage. Don't you think that should be the case? 

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