Christmas Creches
Do you have an indoor or outdoor creche and when do you take your Christmas decorations down?
I have an indoor Nativity scene.  I'll leave it up until at least January 6th.
Indoor and outdoor nativity will leave them up till at least Epiphany.
Indoor nativity under the Christmas tree (German tradition) - can't afford an outdoor nativity yet. Besides I live on the darkest, loneliest country road in the area, so who would see it? Christmas tree just went up yesterday because it has to stay good until the end of Epiphany.. If you put it up too early, it's tinder by Epiphany.
Yes, see links below:
I'll put mine up tomorrow (Vigil of Christmas) and take it down on Epiphany. That way Advent will stay Advent and Christmas will be Christmas.
[Image: aj.jpg] St. Arnold Janssen SVD, pray for us!
Indoor creche went up about a week ago.  It will stay up until Epiphany.
Liza, I liked your links.  Also your sig line motto is my motto too. 
Ours is modest and indoor nativity scene -re-grassed it this year. Only the ox and ass are there now. Mary and Joseph will show up tomorrow sometime. Jesus, the shepherds, sheep, and angel will show up after Midnight Mass. The magi will arrive on Jan 6th.

The tree has been up for two weeks or so :-/.

We turn off all the lights and light the Advent wreath. I set up the stable, with no one in it. We start the rosary. After announcing the first Joyful mystery, we sing a hymn, then one of the kids puts in the animals, and proceed with the rosary. Second mystery, same thing, and put in the BVM and St.Joe. Third mystery, we take a candle from the advent wreath and light the Christ candle, then blow out the advent candles. One kid puts in the baby Jesus and we sing a hymn. We continue that pattern till the end of the Rosary. Throw in any good hymns for fun at the end, then we eat.

Also. Christmas Eve we decorate the tree. Typically I have already put the lights up. Mr. T says a Christmas tree blessing and then we light it up.

Also, at Mass we take a piece of straw from the Churches manger and bring it home to ours.

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