Haunting message of forced labor....
(12-28-2012, 12:46 PM)Heinrich Wrote: We can thank unions for that.
(12-28-2012, 05:03 PM)Heinrich Wrote: Capitalism and Communism are twin evils with the same endgame: materialism and loss of sanctity. Sure, a capitalist society will reap benefits of easy and posh living, but the damned stack up and misery sets in after awhile. There is historical precedence for this.

(12-27-2012, 02:40 PM)candyapple Wrote: If I can find what I am looking for made anywhere but china I will choose the other. I am trying to locate a toaster oven not made in China but it looks like no other country makes them anymore.

I noticed my cephalon fry pan is stamped Ohio- guess its made here, which is why one pan was so much $.

I tried to find crockpots not made in china but no luck, had to buy a china crockpot. Oh, and I am using a china iPhone right now.

I read that Chinese labor will be phased out but companies bringing their business back here- but to use robots which is cheaper in the long run so the US jobs are still gone for good, but they will need people to know how to troubleshoot the robots.



Your post reminded me of this:  http://despair.com/adaptation.html

My company manufactures in China.  I've been there half a dozen times in the last few years to help teach them to do it.  For us, there's really no other option for cost in order to compete in the world marketplace for our product.  Our company had to decide - keep 200 people in jobs here + have overseas manufacturing, or have zero people in jobs here because the company couldn't afford to make its product.

I think it'll take a while, but I predict that low cost manufacturing will move from China to some other country in Africa, once workers get more pay and move up the ladder.  It happened to Taiwan - it got too expensive to manufacture many things there.

If the government wanted to do something about it to tip the scales they could add higher tariffs for China imports, but they don't.  We have to pay a hefty 20% tax just to get equipment into China.  Why doesn't the US do the same?  Companies are driven by money and bottom line.  If you want them to choose a different path the only way to do that is make it the lowest cost option.

This doesn't justify labor camps.  I can't say what percentage of products are made with workers who are taken advantage of.  I can say it is not 100%.  Our contract manufacturer treats its employees well.

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