Haunting message of forced labor....
(12-26-2012, 04:58 AM)Dino Wrote: Anyone else try to avoid products made in China?  I try for the most part but it's nearly impossible these days to avoid them.  Almost all clothes and shoes are made in this communist country.  Where is the outcry from Rome?  From the Bishops? 

I try to avoid them, but, as you say, it is very difficult.  Often the only products available come from China.  I am willing pay more for North American alternatives when they exist, but I am not always given that choice.  Sometimes when I am debating whether or not to buy something, I'll decide based on whether I can find one that is not from China.

It never occurred to me that we needed a statement from Rome.  It ought to be obvious that mistreatment of workers is wrong.  The Church has already taught this many times.

(I would have concerns about the dominance of foreign products for economic reasons, even if mistreatment of workers was not involved.)


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