Haunting message of forced labor....
It is difficult to avoid Chinese goods at times but with the internet there are usually alternatives to be found.  Also, sometimes alternatives aren't needed because the item isn't a necessity and one can save money by not getting anything at all.

Ironically, the "bargains" offered through Chinese made products are often an illusion.  How often do people find themselves purchasing the same item every 5 years at the low, low price of $5.99 only to find out later that the quality USA manufactured version that costs $25.00 will last for 100 years?  Someone I know used to buy a new pair of scissors every 2-3 years until I gave her a $40 pair made in France.  She hasn't needed a new pair since and will probably hand them down to another generation when she's done with them.  I don't use scissors as much so for myself, I got two pairs of used Wiss shears for $4.00 and tuned them up.  Those old American-made scissors are now good for another lifetime of use.

Shoddy products produced in slave labor camps aren't a bargain for anyone in the long run.  They break easily and are so poorly made that no one wants to put any time or money towards repairs.  They will spend most of their lifetime in the landfill.  Well-made items on the other hand are appreciated enough that people are willing to maintain them and keep them around for generations.

Unfortunately a lot of Americans have lost the skills needed to keep items in good repair.  Good tools are tossed every day because people don't know how to rewire the broken cords (clothes irons) or sharpen an edge(knives and scissors).  Because of this, companies often market disposable goods as "maintenance free".

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