FSSP Rosaries
I made an identical thread in the buy/trade section, but since that might not get as many people I decided to make one in Catholic news.

And isn't it news, after all, that there is a new parish being built in Texas for the FSSP, of which, proceeds are benefiting-- as well as other FSSP ventures? Yes.

This sale is benefiting the FSSP. I am merely passing the link along and have no part in the sale in ANY form.


[Image: img3165650c8cc711e5a6.jpg]

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Quote:      Celebrating 25 years of Tradition

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), we are offering this exclusively designed commemorative rosary to help fund the development of new FSSP parishes.

This project is sponsored by Regina Caeli Parish in Houston, TX, which is a new parish being built from the ground up; funds raised will initially be used on its behalf.

The entire rosary reflects the charism of the FSSP and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each rosary is individually handmade using 8mm blue lapis stones and a specially designed crucifix in a fleur-de-lis theme. The brass centerpiece, in deep blue enamel, is a detailed replica of the FSSP coat of arms and includes the keys of St. Peter and three white teardrops. The rosary is constructed with strong 20 gauge bronze wire and comes in a decorative solid wooden box.

Founded in 1988, the FSSP continues to grow throughout the world. Please support the Fraternity in its work to form parishes devoted to the Church and the Traditional Roman rite with your purchase of this beautiful commemorative rosary.

Encourage support of the Fraternity and Tradition with the gift of this rosary to a friend or family member, or purchase one for a Fraternity priest, seminarian, or religious.

$99.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling.For shipping charges on international orders please contact us at  info@stpeterfundraiser.com

A generous donation from the sale of each rosary to benefit the FSSP.

Pray for the priests, pray for the Church,pray for the spread of the Faith throughout the world!
Beautiful. Thanks for this. It's good to know about these things. I will try to encourage them.
Simple, sturdy, beautiful and manly.  I like it very much.
I have seen them in person and I will confirm that they are very beautiful. The new parish in Houston that the sale is supporting is actually my own, so I of course strongly encourage everyone to purchase one if they are so inclined. If you are part of an FSSP parish, I think it would be a great idea to get one for your priest, you can share the cost between a number of parishioners.
Very nice I wish I had known about these before Christmas.
Just bought one! :)
I hope it's not limited edition... it'll take me a while to save up for this beauty.  I need to get myself one though!
I just received mine yesterday! Very solid construction, and has some weight to it. Prayed my first rosary with it this morning at Mass and then had Father bless it after Mass. I would recommend buying this to everyone. Thanks to the O.P.
I just ordered mine.  I've been looking for a rosary like this.  It's a "I'll know it when I see it" kind of thing.  I wanted something sturdy and masculine, but nice.  This fits the bill exactly.

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